Mill, Marx, and Me (Beta)

Suresh Naidu, Elliott Ash, Jeff Jacobs
Princeton University and Columbia University

Compute the stylistic distance between your text and: Karl Marx John Stuart Mill G.W.F. Hegel David Ricardo

How Does It Work?

Use the below panels to submit a URL, upload a file (5MB max), or paste in a block of English-language text. The app then computes a "stylistic fingerprint" for your text based on properties like average word length, frequency of function word usage, punctuation frequency, and so on. It then compares this fingerprint with pre-computed stylistic fingerprints for Marx, Hegel, Mill, and Ricardo, and produces a similarity score (the cosine similarity), measuring the distance between your text and the collected works of these authors across these different stylistic properties.

Because of the properties of the English language, most texts will be extremely similar on these measures (for example, most texts will use the word "the" more often than "because"), and thus the similarity scores for the different authors will seem surprisingly close. For maximal accuracy, you should submit at least a few paragraphs of text, so that the stylistic fingerprint can be measured to a sufficient level of precision.

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